Secure, trusted reference data allows you to build on value.

It empowers Government and Business to deliver agility. This allows them to reduce ongoing costs.

Manage the usage of trusted, secure reference data within a simple software framework. This allows you to focus on process and tasks needs. That enables you to deliver trusted IT systems the mirror line of business processes.

Reference data within processes.

Reference data is a known set of values that rarely change. Government and Business don't maximise the value of this data. That is because it's within silos or replicated across IT systems. This causes them to splutter along, instead of being driven by data.

These two extremes block reference data usage. They impede its management and increase costs. This leaves them duplicating effort and diluting their reference data. That increases risk and leads to poor quality information.

Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes have a need for trusted reference data. It will empower agility, reduce ongoing costs and support better outcomes.

Digital Transformations provide an opportunity. Within their transformations they can create concise, governed reference data. The concise reference data allows them to build on investments, reducing costs.

Building IT systems around reference data allows them to secure and govern information. This reduces compliance risks and speeds up delivery.

Software to manage reference data.

Using spreadsheets or isolated line of business software dilutes reference data. They make it hard to manage and govern. Organisations have attempted to integrate these silos using ESB or iPaaS. These software tools add costs and duplicate data between silos. This impedes governance.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provide a simple, low risk alternative. It's a software tool-kit that empowers you to govern and build on reference data. This reduces delivery and ongoing costs. That allows Government and Business to reuse and build on investment.

With G8CC extending reference data becomes a simple drag n' drop process. Data within G8CC has a simple governance model. This allows reference to get used within and across traditional borders.

G8CC allows reference data to get linked to transactions. This means the data doesn't get duplicated. That reduces costs and improves compliance and security.

Manage the seamless, governed use of reference data within and across organisation border. This provides a cost effective way for Government and Business to build on the value of data. G8CC provides a simple, low risk, cost effective way to manage, govern and reuse reference data.