Agile, integrated, secure and seamless Supply Chain information management.

Support flexible, structured, end-to-end Supply Chain systems. Engage, collaborate on and govern data across a Supply Chain network.

Manage the seamless flow of secure, governed data, empowering Supply Chains to build trust. Mirror activities with concise information, supporting faster outcomes.

Silos and pockets of data impede supply chains.

Connectivity issues and data quality costs time and money. They increase risk, block outcomes and create data fragmentation.

The documents within supply chains impede the flow of data. These are a throw back to paper information management. They don't maximise the value of digital or data.

Supply chains need to support seamless information management. This mirrors the transit or process of goods with trusted, secure and governed data. The use of seamless data must go beyond traditional borders. This will allow for supply chains to support change and globalisation.

That means moving beyond the documents to data-driven supply chain systems. Data-driven systems harness the reuse and value of data. This provides consistency across supply chain members. It empowers the reuse of trusted, governed data, to improve decisions and reduce costs.

Data-driven supply chain system.

Create an efficient, agile, integrated data-driven supply chain. This empowers supply chains to automate and build on trusted data. Using data change allows triggers to create the next digital stage. This remove risk and lower cost across the supply chain.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides an affordable harness to create a seamless flow of data. It maximises the flexibility digital provides. This empowers the use of a single version of the truth across the supply chain. That allows the supply chain network to extend trusted data. When data gets changed triggers automate tasks. This reduces risk and lowers costs.

G8CC provides an affordable way to transform supply chains. It enables them to collaborate across traditional borders. This empowers the use of trusted, agile data and automation.

G8CC reduces costs and empowers agility. That delivers higher returns on investment.

Manage the seamless use of information across a supply chain. It provides a cost effective way for supply chains to manage information. G8CC delivers a supply chain systems that enables agility.