Detect changes and respond faster with our innovative, yet simple Supply Chain Information Management system.

Access to Supply Chain data ensures partners detect changes and respond faster. This mitigates risk and drives down errors. With our Supply Chain Information Technology you secure access to trusted data.

Your Supply Chain Information Management is complex and consists of multiple partners collaborating to achieve a common goal. This has led to database silos and disjointed collaboration and data sharing. This impedes information security, leading to errors wastage, risk and cost.

Our supply chain information system enables Supply Chain to secure access to trusted data. This secure trusted data collaboration and sharing across supply chain partners. That enables data visibility, allowing partners to detect changes, respond faster and mitigate risk.

Digital transformation in the supply chain has led to silos. These silos create a patchwork of data and collaboration. This doesn't just impede secure information management. It blocks supply chain visibility. This visibility has led to poor decisions and increased risk.

A secure supply chain information management system unlocks an opportunity. This opportunity improves the secure flow of information across the supply chain. That reduces risk and creates a competitive advantage.

To unlock this opportunity supply chain must harness existing silos. That allows Multi-Enterprise Supply Chains to build on existing investments. This reduces risk, cost and time to value.

Building a secure supply chain information management system.

To secure supply chain information management you must be able to collaborate. Collaboration unlocks Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Visibility. Digital provides a real-time mechanism for supply chain collaboration.

Digital improves decisions and outcomes, reducing risk. But, to harness this value Supply Chains must overcome silos.

A trusted data sharing layer harnesses silos. It builds on and extends existing investments. This allows supply chains to start small and easily scale. That reduces risk, lowering ongoing costs.

The data sharing layer governs access to a single secure data object. These data objects get linked, extended, automated and collaborated on across the supply chain. This layer creates the building blocks for a secure supply chain information management system.

By harnessing unique data objects supply chains create a single version of the truth. That improves data quality and visibility across supply chain members. This results in better, faster decisions.

A trusted data sharing layer allows supply chain members to outperform competitors.


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Low risk solution to create a Secure Supply Chain Information Management System.

G8CC provides an innovative, simple, yet powerful solution. It empowers supply chain members to securely share information. This information gets managed across integrated supply chain members.

G8CC creates a flexible system to integrate database silos across supply chain members. It provides a secure governance system that allows the secure sharing of information. This allows Multi-Enterprise Supply Chains to create an integrated layer.

G8CC improves data quality and response times. That is because it attaches collaboration to trusted data in supply chain processes and tasks. This removes the pockets of collaboration created by Email, IM, Paper etc.

G8CC's flexibility and low learning curve delivers a faster time to value. This reduces risk and cost when implementing it as an integrated data sharing layer. That creates agility and resilience in the supply chain.

G8CC provides a innovative, integrated solution to unlock Mutli-Enterprise Collaboration.

With G8CC you create a secure supply chain information management system. It unlocks a competitive advantage that allows you to outperform competitors.

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