A simple, flexible B2B Integration Software Platform.

Our B2B Integration software makes it simple to secure and share trusted data. It creates a unified platform that empowers business ecosystems to secure, share, collaborate on and automate data. This empowers you to improve data quality, save time and money, drive efficiencies and reduce errors.

Lower risk and time to value. Simplify your ongoing B2B integration. Delivering higher ongoing return on investment (ROI), with our Innovative B2B Integration Software Platform.

Why you need our B2B Integration software.

Our B2B Integration software creates a secure, distributed, agile integrated data platform. This empowers you to start small and easily scale your B2B integration.

It empowers you to overcome losses due to poor integration. Network computing reported that 57% of businesses are wasting upto $500,000 every year due to poor integration. With 4% losing upto a million dollars a year.

The B2B integration report saw comprehensive data integration as a goal. With:


Seeing end-to-end data visibility as important.


Saying automation is critical.


Believing end-to-end data flows will drive significant business value.

With G8CC as your B2B Integration (B2Bi) software you can secure and govern data visibility and engagement. This allows your B2B integration to unlock the flow of end-to-end data and automation.

Our B2B Integration software provides a low risk way to modernise. It harnesses and builds on existing database investments. This reduces the complexity by creating a unified integration layer. This underpins significant B2B integration needs. Results in the Network Computing article reported that IT modernisation would enable significant growth. The survey found:


Believe replacing legacy systems will support emerging initiatives.


Needing to modernise to be able to compete.

Traditional B2B integration software is reliant on syncing data. This data is sync across databases or to a third party silo. That adds wastage and complexity. It doesn't harness the flexibility that digital provides. Many of those in the report found partners and new applications onboarding hard. With:


Saying B2B onboarding takes too long.


Struggling to integrate new apps.

Our B2B Integration software overcomes these challenges. It enables secure data reuse and integration. That vastly reduces the time to onboard partners and extend systems.

How you benefit with our B2B Integration software.

Our B2B integration software creates an agile, integrated distributed data access layer. It allows you to re-purpose trusted data. It extends and connects existing data source. That empowers you to build on existing investments.

G8CC harnesses a single data object. It creates a single version of the truth. This truth is then reusable across your integrated B2B ecosystem. That unlocks agility and trust, reducing risk.

This differs from other "solution". That is because they rely on "extracting" data, that create new silos. These new silos increases management risk and cost.

Why choose G8CC as your B2B Integration software?

G8CC grew from a business ecosystem that collaborated to complete tasks. This means G8CC is designed to deliver B2B integration.

G8CC is designed to be simple and flexible. It harnesses the flexibility that digital provides. That lowers risk, delivery and ongoing cost.

G8CC provides innovative B2B integration software that supports current and ongoing needs. This makes B2B data integration simple.

How does G8CC deliver B2B integration?

G8CC extends and joins-up existing database silos.

It provides a distributed B2B integrated middleware that harnesses unique data objects. It enable the use of this data through a distributed data access and routing layer. This allows you to reuse, join-up, re-purpose and automate trusted data.

G8CC allows you to seamlessly integrate data, access governance, visibility and collaboration across B2B boundaries.

G8CC releases value for:

G8CC a simple B2B integration software.

G8CC gets configured in infrastructure that suits your needs. This delivers flexibility.

G8CC provides connectors to a number of existing popular databases. These reduces risk and lower time to value.

G8CC has a flexible access governance framework. It utilizes data-driven views. These views get reused and extend to suits your needs. This creates flexible data structures that suit your and your business partners. This allows you to unlock secure data sharing.

In our screencast below you can see how simple it can be to create a B2B integration software that suits your needs.

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A B2B integration software that suits your needs.

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