Low Code Web Framework and Platform for Government and Business.

Our Low Code framework and platform provides a:

  • Flexible structured data management and collaboration solution.
  • Web scale delivery and management of structured data.
  • Simple, low risk continuously evolving data management systems, allowing you to focus on process needs.
  • Real-time information work-flow, integration and automation framework, reducing time and costs.
  • Way to reuse data, components and infrastructure, reducing ongoing costs.
  • Information governance system that empowers collaboration without replication, reducing risk.
  • Way to connect data and put it in the hands of your front-line employees creating business value.
  • Solution to enhance agility within your organisation.

Inspire trust and deliver an efficient digital transformation.

With our Low Code Platform you achieve.

Faster time to value, delivering higher returns on investment. GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) our low code platform allows you to support ongoing agility, empowering you to easily build on existing investments.

G8CC allows you to reduce IT backlog faster, at a lower cost. This provides simple ongoing change management, that enables collaboration between Line of business and IT.

G8CC provides a secure, controlled environment for work-flow and process management. This allows Government and Business to break down silos and spreadsheets. These create mass data fragmentation, because they isolate data in insecure, difficult to manage silos.

Our low code platform provides the foundation for a data-centric, data-driven organisation. This allows "Source System of Record" to be easily managed and built upon, supporting "System of Engagement" empowering your organisation to generate value.

Our Low Code Platform provides the simple, low risk solution your organisation needs today to stay relevant tomorrow.

Getting started with our Low Code Platform.

You can starting small and easily scaling.

We recommend you take our simple, quick interactive tour, providing a better understanding of the solutions flexibility. With this understanding you can build branch diagram that mirror your processes data, governance and collaboration needs.

Next selecting infrastructure. G8CCs flexibility allows you to host our low code platform within infrastructure that suits your needs. Its allows you to "Bring Your Own Key" (BYOK), providing support for "Bring Your Own Encryption" (BYOE). This builds a security model that suits your needs within a compliant, governed and encrypted platform, that support two stage AES 256 encryption, two factor authentication and many other security features.

G8CCs quick and simple step by step configuration allows you to get the platform configured quickly. The tour within the platform will walk you through creating your Apps, integrating visualisation, automation and governance, lastly it will show you how to add users.

Take our simple, quick interactive tour here, so you can move forward faster, with higher returns.