Simple, secure software to manage supply chain visibility.

Silos and blind spots increase risk and cost. These silos block visibility in your supply chain. That leaves you chasing knowledge at a higher cost.

Your supply chain is complex. With Data and Systems strewn across processes and tasks. This adds risk, cost and uncertainty. Supply Chain Visibility Software overcomes this uncertainty. It reduces risk and cost.

Supply chain visibility software is essential. It secures, joins-up and integrates data to unlock supply chain visibility. This empowers your supply chain to reduce risk and cost.

PWC's Supply Chain Innovation survey found:


Agreed the number of members in a supply chain is increasing.


Agreed "Dependencies between supply chain entities(*) have increased".


Agreeing "Changes in the extended supply chain network configuration occur more frequently".

60% of those surveyed also saw performance indicators drop by 3% or more as a result of disruption.

Supply Chain Visibility Software is essential to overcome these challenges. It empowers supply chains to react faster. This mitigates the disruption caused. That reduces risk and ongoing cost.

The number of systems and amount of data collected is increasing. Time to analyse must reduce. This leads to a need for greater integrated supply chain visibility.

Supply Chain Visibility Software has a significant importance.

The capacity enablers those surveyed found most important in the PWC Survey revealed that:


Agree that "Alignment between partners in the supply chain" had a significant importance.


Say "Alignment and integration between internal business functions" as important.


Confirm "Upstream and downstream process integration and information sharing" is important.


Look to "Risk Governance" as important.

This shows supply chains must be able to access data. That allows supply chains to align and integrate partners and internal business functions. This empowers supply chains to analyse and support change. That reduces risk and cost, creating seamless visibility.

With this need Supply Chain Visibility Software must be able to start small and easily scale. This enables it to extend across supply chain members with simple integration. That reduces risk and doesn't consume resources. This supports ongoing agility and supports change.

Your Supply Chain Visibility Software must be able to work across cultural and geographic locations. It must support real-time visibility.

Your traditional systems connect and collect data. These include Data Hubs and EDI. They rely on an "extract" process to collect data. This copies data from one place to another in a new format. That increases risk and cost.

Our Supply Chain Visibility Software provides an innovative alternative. It removes the need to extract data to a new silo. This unlocks agility across your supply chain.

G8CC a simple, yet powerful Supply Chain Visibility Software solution.

G8CC connects to data sources and creates views. These view get governed, controlling access to data. The views get extended and joined up. That unlocks agility across the supply chain.

G8CC provides an asynchronous data layer. The secure Data Sharing Layer connects to and reuses data. This data layer manages visibility. That allows you to integrate extending or new visualization tools. This provides flexibility, supporting current and future needs.

G8CC future proofs your Supply Chain Visibility.

You can learn more about how G8CC is used in Supply chain below. Using G8CC as a:

Easily build a supply chain visibility layer.

The screencast below demonstrates the process to build an Integrated Data Layer with G8CC. It shows how you can easily build a solution that unlocks ongoing value.

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