Silos and myriad of data systems is blocking outcomes within the enterprise.

Enterprise Data management impedes productivity. It left employees looking for information. This is increasing wastage, costing time and money.

Secure, trusted, agile Enterprise Data Management. Harness the value of digital. This allows you to build on and extend your investment in Enterprise Data Management.

Enterprise data management challenges.

Data management challenges cost UK organisations £1.2 million per year. Research by Veritas [0] revealed employees waste two hours per day searching for data. This leads to a 16% drop in employee productivity.

This is because the fragmented use of data blocks collaboration and the flow of knowledge. Mass data fragmentation has lead to pockets of dark data, silos and loss of trust. That impedes decisions, blocks governance and increases risk. This causes compliance issues and blocks competitive advantages.

Digital provides an opportunity for Government and Business. But, their rigid, replicative and static data management blocks processes.

Agile, trusted Enterprise data management.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) provides a structured platform to build web services. It's a low risk, yet extremely powerful solution. It allows you to build and extend web services incredibly fast. This allows you to consolidate and build on Enterprise data.

G8CC creates a source of trusted data. It provides a governance model that allows you to share data within and across traditional borders. It reduces risk and improves compliance.

G8CC ability to share data removes the need to chase knowledge. That removes the £1.2 millions UK business wastes on Enterprise data management each year.

Easily build secure, trusted web services.

Maximise the value of your Enterprise data management.

Enterprise data management you control.

Build a secure, governed, trusted, collaborative source of enterprise data. Use G8CC a simple, low risk solution. Build and change faster, reducing costs and risk.