Learn how your Business or Government Department can reduce errors, integration costs and data volume with our Data Space Software.

Our software enables the creation of secure, governed Data Spaces that are simple to extend. This creates agility and lowers time to value for Businesses and Governments alike.

Firstly, why do you need our Data Space Software?

Database and spreadsheet silos have blocked data usage in Business and Government. They've led to complex, rigid, sync based integration that copies data across silos. This increases data volume and creates complex data pipelines.

The complex integration and duplication of data blocks onboarding other departments and partners. That's because the data owner loses control of their information. This leads to disjointed data management and impedes data quality.

Businesses and Governments have been driven into disjointed, manual data management processes. This has led to multiple versions of data and increased risk. With data being copied into insecure processes. That impedes data usage and collaboration.

Multiple versions of data, complex integration and manual processes haven't secured the value of Digital Transformation. It's left Businesses and Governments with more. More data, more management, more wastage, more integration, more errors and more costs.

Our solution removes the need for rigid, sync based integration. It allows you to reuse a single version of data across multiple silos. Data from multiple silos can be combined into a unique data object. This data has fine-grained access controls that can get applied to a single user or a group. These groups become Data Spaces.

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How does our software provide a unique solution for building Data Spaces?

Our solutions unique access controls and its distributed nature makes it a simple, yet powerful solution for creating Data Spaces.

It creates a distributed network of platforms that empowers the data owner to keep greater control over their data. A platform can be configured within infrastructure that suits the Businesses or Government Departments compliance needs.

Each platform in the network has a unique number of users and databases it's connected to. Our software includes database connectors for many popular databases used in Business and Government. This reduces risk and time to value when creating Data Spaces with our solution.

Learn more about G8CC Data Spaces by:

Each platform has built-in connectors for:

Data doesn't get copied from existing silos into our platforms. Instead it's combined at the point of request. This removes the need to sync data across multiple silos. That reduces integration and ongoing data management costs.

The data owner applies fine-grained access controls to unique data objects. Fine-grained access controls can be applied to groups and/or individual users. This allows a known number of collaborators to access data with the same access controls. The access controls can be added, edited or removed at any point in the data lifecycle. That gives the data owner greater control and creates Data Spaces within trusted groups.

Our solution provides a simple, extendable unified data layer for Data Spaces. The data accessible within our solution can be collaborated on, linked/connected-up, automated and combined to add value. This reduces errors, wastage and cost, securing ongoing agility for both Businesses and Governments alike.

With our software G8CC, you can start small and easily scale your Data Spaces. It empowers you to combine data across data spaces and G8CC platforms. This removes the complex sync based integration found in Data Warehouses and Data Hubs. That simplifies data management, allowing you to build an agile, data-driven future.

G8CC's a simple, yet powerful solution that can easily secure and manage Data Spaces. Contact us here today to learn more about integrating G8CC to create Data Spaces for your Business and Government department.

Build and get value from Data Spaces faster with G8CC built in Functionality.

Create a unified view of data across Data Spaces.

Secure near real-time push notification and aggregate applicable data into a unified view. This removes the need to chase knowledge, reducing errors, risk, wastage and cost, in a simple, low risk Data Space.

Linked Data.

Link up individual data objects creating a knowledge graph, with metadata functionality. This makes using complex data much easier and more efficient.

Fine-Grained Data Access Controls.

Enables unique users or groups of users and or bots to access specific parts of a data object. That enables compliant data to get shared in a trusted data space.

Embedded Data.

Easily combine and extend data value by combining information within and across data spaces. This vastly reduces the ongoing complexity surrounding integration. In the example image, citizen information gets embedded and linked to new piece data in a policing stop and search system.

Database Connectors.

Build on existing database silos and create simple to extend data spaces with G8CC built-in database connectors. G8CC includes Database connectors for:

The image above demonstrates reusing and extending data from a MySQL database.

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With our Data Spaces solution you gain value by:

Increasing trust in information.

Improving knowledge and productivity within business processes allows you to save time and money by reducing wastage and duplicated effort.

Providing a agile foundation.

Reduce business risk and loss of knowledge with a secure solution that enables you to mitigate change, reducing time and costs.

Reducing business costs.

Seamlessly reuse trusted information and infrastructure, allowing you to reduce time to value within business processes.

5 Steps to get started with G8CC.

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Step 5:

Save time and money, building on value.

A screencast demonstrating how to use our Data Access Control Software.

Saving time and money, enabling Business and Government to build simple, secure, extendable Data Spaces.

G8CC provides a simple solution for many organisations to create data spaces. It provides a simple solution to build on these data spaces to enable:

At GARNET8 Limited we can support your transformation to an Integrated, Data Access Control System. We help you to overcome rigid integration and disjointed, costly collaboration and data sharing. Our experience allows us to:

  • Support data architecture design.
  • Provide Database Integration.
  • Deliver automated work-flows
  • Build views and real-time data streams.
  • Train IT and end users.

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