Remove high upfront costs and complex integration with our simple, low risk Shared Data Space solution.

Secure fine-grained access control in Shared Data Space and combine, link-up, collaborate on and automate real-time data, creating agility, value and new opportunities.

With G8CC our DataSpace Support Platform you harness a single version of data. It connects to existing database silos, ensuring data sovereignty and compliance. This empowers Business and Government to build on existing investments. That reduces risk when delivering new data space projects, allowing you to demonstrate value faster.

G8CC ensures fine-grained access control to data retained across silos. This removes the duplication of effort, data management and cost, supporting compliance. That creates agility, unlocking new value and opportunities.

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Build and get value from Data Spaces faster with G8CC built in Functionality.

Create a unified view of data across Data Spaces.

Secure near real-time push notification and aggregate applicable data into a unified view. This removes the need to chase knowledge, reducing errors, risk, wastage and cost, in a simple, low risk Data Space.

Linked Data.

Link up individual data objects creating a knowledge graph, with metadata functionality. This makes using complex data much easier and more efficient.

Fine-Grained Data Access Controls.

Enables unique users or groups of users and or bots to access specific parts of a data object. That enables compliant data to get shared in a trusted data space.

Embedded Data.

Easily combine and extend data value by combining information within and across data spaces. This vastly reduces the ongoing complexity surrounding integration. In the example image, citizen information gets embedded and linked to new piece data in a policing stop and search system.

Database Connectors.

Build on existing database silos and create simple to extend data spaces with G8CC built-in database connectors. G8CC includes Database connectors for:

The image above demonstrates reusing and extending data from a MySQL database.

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  • Removing duplicated effort.
  • Faster time to value.
  • Lower ongoing costs.
  • Collaboration.
  • Higher quality information.

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With our Data Spaces solution you gain value by:

Increasing trust in information.

Improving knowledge and productivity within business processes allows you to save time and money by reducing wastage and duplicated effort.

Providing a agile foundation.

Reduce business risk and loss of knowledge with a secure solution that enables you to mitigate change, reducing time and costs.

Reducing business costs.

Seamlessly reuse trusted information and infrastructure, allowing you to reduce time to value within business processes.

Saving time and money, enabling Business and Government to build simple, secure, extendable Data Spaces.

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