Re-imaging familiar applications to create a software platform that saves you 'Time and Money'.

Government Departments and Businesses of all sizes are being impeded, because their:

  • Patchwork of digitalisation has created disjointed information management.
  • Puzzle of inconsistent pieces, risk visualisation and decisions.
  • Line of business applications are silos, which are costly to extend and manage.
  • Duplicating effort and cost across line of business applications.
  • Blocking staff from completing their tasks, due to inconsistent, difficult to manage and replicative information management.
  • Wasting 'Time and Money' creating outlandishly complex information management foundations, shackling them to outdated solutions.
  • Introducing tortuous layers of software, replication and duplication.
  • Unable to build upon value, creating a recurring wheel of debt.

Making it impossible for them to cope with change.

GARNET8 Limited took the best parts of the familiar applications and re-imagined them to create a software platform that delivers business value.

GARNET8 Limited created GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds (G8CC) based on the needs of a small business ecosystem. We have found the problems they encounter are the same issues within Government departments and Businesses of all sizes. G8CC provides organisations with an agile foundation that supports 'Business Processes' with trusted high quality information.

What we do.

GARNET8 Limited has experience in delivering high returns on investment for organisations using G8CC. We built G8CC from the ground up to improve productivity within organisations. We've done this by delivering engaging trusted information to people who need it.

G8CC provides an agile software foundation this is a low risk alternative to high cost, high exposure IT systems. It allows you to focus on delivering 'Business Value' and make more informed decisions on higher quality information.

Using G8CC as your data management foundation allows you to benefit from:

Governance and compliance, allowing you to focus on delivering business value, competitive advantage and better customer experience.

Encryption by default with the ability to remove access to collaborative information at any point in time. This differs from email which suffers from 'Mass, Uncontrolled Replication'.

Collaborating directly on structured data creating a auditable trial of information. This allows you to make more informed decisions and reduce business risk with G8CC's built-in real-time engagement system.

Systems that allow you to mitigate change and deliver faster time to market using trusted high quality data.

Better decisions on trusted information in real-time at every level within your organisation. Delivering a better customer experience and reducing costly oversights.

Connected information that can be easily viewed within a single screen, allowing employees to make better decisions.

We provide you with the support and expertise to deliver tailored systems that are intuitive and support your organisations.

Our focus is on providing you with a competitive advantage that delivers a better customer and workforce experience.