Because your current data is sharing is insecure, disjointed and wasteful.

Your data sharing doesn't harness the value of digital.

Your data sharing is creating personal silos. These silos are your Inbox, Spreadsheets and IT systems. They cause you to chase knowledge. They lead to multiple, insecure, un-trusted and wasteful versions of the truth.

Your silos impede productivity and cost you time and money.

G8CC empowers you to share, reuse and re-purpose data. This increases data value, building trust. That lowers ongoing costs and improves outcomes.

G8CC is a simple, low risk data sharing platform. It empowers you to connect people and data when and where they need it.

G8CC empowers you to seamlessly integrate and join-up unique information. That empowers you to share and find trusted data. This reduces wastage and cost within processes. That increases productivity and reduces risk.

G8CC supports the sharing of data within and across traditional borders.

It provides a controlled data sharing foundation for:

Supply Chain Members.

Businesses of all sizes.

Government and Public Sector Departments.

Healthcare Institutions.


G8CC is a modern Data Sharing Platform. Its built to harness the value of digital and the web.

5 Steps to get started with our simple data sharing platform.

Step 1:

Watch our short screencast "Personalised Data Sharing Platform".

Step 2:

See how much money you can save. Use our simple Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Calculator.

Step 3:

Contact GARNET8 to discuss options.

Step 4:

Easily configure and personalise your Data Sharing Platform.

Step 5:

Save time and money, building on value.

Personalised Data Sharing Platform.