Make it simple to manage data, collaboration and integration with G8CC.

Is your data management and integration complex? Or are you struggling to collaborate on or add value to data across departments and partners? You need G8CC!

G8CC makes it simple to secure Data. It provides a unified interface for Data Management, Integration and Collaboration. This reduces the complexity and management costs across IT solutions and data silos.

G8CC's a simple solution that enables the secure usage of data across personal, departments and partner silos. This improves data access and management, reducing ongoing costs.

G8CC secures sharing, management, collaboration and integration of data in real time. This empowers Businesses and Governments to reduce errors, wastage and cost, by securing data access.

G8CC improves data integrity. It secures a single version of data that's reusable and collaborative. This reduces errors and enables people and/or things to access trusted data when it's needed.

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Why do you need G8CC?


Digital Transformation in Business and Government has created new silos. These silos have increased complexity. That makes it hard to manage data and change management.

Silos in Business and Government have driven data in disjointed management and processes. Disjointed Data Management blocks agility. Disjointed processes add errors, wastage and cost. Both increase the risk of a data breach.

IT, Government Departments, Enterprise lines of business and partners are creating more silos to manage data. These silos are managed databases or personal collaboration tools, such as email. These silos block agility, impede data integrity and become a recurring wheel of debt.

To collaborate on data Business and Governments are reliant on tools such as email, IM, phone etc. These rely on people copying data from one silo to another. This increases the risk of errors and copies data across personal silos. That duplicates cost and increases errors. This impedes data usage and blocks change management.

Investments in Data Warehouses and Hubs have created new silos. These increase costs and block agility, with rigid integration. They waste time and money on syncing data within complex management systems. That increases complexity and blocks agility. This makes it harder to manage when data changes.

Current IT solutions to manage data impedes decisions and the real-time value of digital. This is why you need G8CC.

How does G8CC differ from current Data Management, Integration and Collaboration solutions?

G8CC streamlines data usage by securing a single data object. This data object gets combined, collaborated on, joined/connected up and automated to add value. This reduces the wastage created by duplicating data and costs across silos. That improves data integrity by security, a single version of the truth.

A data object in G8CC can be a single value in a database row, a cell in a spreadsheet or a combination of data from multiple rows, cells, databases and spreadsheet silos. This creates flexibility and enables simple integration.

By harnessing a single data object G8CC doesn't need to sync data across storage solutions. A data object in G8CC can be combined with other data or linked/connected up. This simplifies data management and vastly reduces complexity. That empowers Business and Government to easily reuse data. This creates agility, lowering IT costs and time to value.

The access management G8CC improves collaboration. It enables Business and Government to access trusted data when and where it's needed. This access mitigates risk during changes management. That reduces errors and wastage.

G8CC's access management is based on a unique cell level permissions architecture. These permissions harness each data object managed through G8CC. This allows Business and Government to share data securely. This connects people and data when and where they need it. That reduces the costs and wastage incurred when chasing knowledge.

The unique data object permissions are allocated to a single user or group of users. This enables the data owner to share data with a known number of collaborators. That secures compliance and improves data management.

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G8CC management of a single data object empowers the data owner to keep physical and logical control. That improves ongoing knowledge and compliance. That allows them to add, remove or update flexible access management at any point in the data lifecycle.

G8CC creates a unified interface to collaborative data. Data that can be stored across multiple data sources. This improves data management and collaboration for Business and Government.

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G8CC provides an IT platform for:

Supply Chain Members.

Businesses of all sizes.

Government and Public Sector Departments.

Healthcare Institutions.


What is G8CC?

G8CC's a network of platforms. Each platform manages its own data. Data isn't sync across platforms. This supports compliance and reduces the complexity that comes with data integration.

A Business or Government can run one or more platforms. Each platform manages access to specific data. This allows data management to scale laterally. With Business and Governments only contributing trusted data. Trusted data that gets shared with a known number of people.

Data can be combined, integrated, accessed, searched for and collaborated on across G8CC platforms. G8CC provides a seamless interface to trusted data. The end user doesn't have to know where the data is stored. They just need a right to access it.

G8CC's platforms are a unified interface across distributed data and a data routing system. The user doesn't need to know where the data is stored or where it's stored. The data is seamlessly integrated into a single interface. An interface that allows a known number of collaborators to reuse and collaborate on data.

A G8CC platform can be configured in Cloud or On-premises infrastructure. It has built-in connectors to many popular databases. This reduces delivery costs and risk.

G8CC includes database connectors for:

G8CC has a low code App builder. This app builder creates structures to manage data. An App can be a stand alone data structure or seamlessly embed data from other G8CC apps.

These reduce the learning curve when developing with G8CC. That lowers delivery risk and cost. This allows Business and Government to do more for less.

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